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US firms show off high-tech military gear at Egypt Defense Expo


The Egypt Defense Expo (EDEX) was held in Cairo December 4-7. US companies at the fair offered their unmatched combination of high quality and robust service support.

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Maj. Gen. Ashraf Ibrahim Atwa Megahed, Commander of the Egyptian Naval Forces, speaks with US defense contractors at EDEX 2023. [File]
Maj. Gen. Ashraf Ibrahim Atwa Megahed, Commander of the Egyptian Naval Forces, speaks with US defense contractors at EDEX 2023. [File]

US companies displayed their wares for Middle Eastern customers in Cairo at the 2023 Egypt Defense Expo (EDEX), which has been touted as the only defense and security exposition covering Africa and the Middle East.

More than 400 companies from 46 countries took part in the event, which ran December 4-7.

The event attracts an estimated 35,000 military and industry visitors from across the world and is organized by Arabian World Events in partnership with the Egyptian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Military Production.

Following shows in 2018 and 2021, the 2023 EDEX is the third and the largest to date.

One of the planes on display at EDEX 2023 was the F-15EX fighter jet shown here. [US Air Force]
One of the planes on display at EDEX 2023 was the F-15EX fighter jet shown here. [US Air Force]

Largely a venue for Egypt to show off its defense wares, it is also an opportunity for firms from around the world to display the latest military technology, equipment and systems.

US companies showcased their world-beating products, from small arms and missiles to sensors, aircraft and vehicles.

Exhibitors at EDEX offered capabilities tailored to meet security threats in the Middle Eastern region, including terrorism, missiles and drones.

Services to maintain and upgrade existing equipment and train personnel were also touted.

Robust service packages in particular are a key element of US defense sales, enabling customers to maximize the service life of their equipment. In addition to the latest technologies, reliable service support gives American systems an advantage over rival offerings.

The US industrial contingent showcased a variety of advanced systems, including the F-15EX fighter jet, which evolved from the variant developed for Qatar; the AH-64D Apache attack, CH-47F heavy-lift and MD-series light helicopters; the KC-46 Pegasus aerial tanker; the T-7 Red Hawk jet trainer; ScanEagle drones; high-energy laser systems for counter-drone missions; and the Humvee family vehicles, including variants with mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) capabilities.

Other systems on offer covered air defense; command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR); satellite communication; electronic warfare; sonar; coastal defense; artillery; unmanned; and cybersecurity.

Combat proven

The latest exhibition comes amid rapidly changing developments in the security environment in the Middle East and abroad.

The war in Ukraine has demonstrated the importance of capabilities such as long-range artillery, loitering munitions and electronic warfare systems.

Meanwhile, the danger of long-range missiles has been demonstrated in the Red Sea, where the Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen have launched ballistic missiles and drones against commercial and military vessels.

US vendors can provide tailored systems to meet customers' specific needs, ensuring those customers can address their most prominent security threats.

In addition to being combat proven, such systems come with reliable sustainment packages to ensure value for years to come.

Other countries, such as China and Russia, may offer similar capabilities at lower costs but cannot provide the same level of technology and support as US firms.

The high-end combat aircraft and helicopters, small arms, advanced C4ISR, radar and sensor, missiles and air defense systems on offer by US companies allow Middle Eastern countries to acquire and sustain the latest and best equipment to address their security needs.

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I'm a civilian and want to visit the expo.


Regardless of how advanced US weapons are, they remain under its control and surveillance from its satellites; you can use or modify them only with US approval.


Let it burn on their heads!



I hoped that the coverage would be more comprehensive of EDEX 2023 to include more companies/exhibitors from other nationalities. I also hoped that the coverage would include videos, and that there would be a virtual tour of the exhibition.