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US Army: robust, adaptive force addresses global challenges


The US Army's complex but coherent system poises it to meet diverse needs both at home and around the world.

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A US Army reservist prepares to fire an M2A1 machine gun during a live-fire training exercise at Fort Hunter Liggett, California, June 5. [US Army]
A US Army reservist prepares to fire an M2A1 machine gun during a live-fire training exercise at Fort Hunter Liggett, California, June 5. [US Army]

At the forefront of national defense, the US Army has three distinct elements: an active component and two reserve forces.

These three elements -- the Regular Army, the Army National Guard and Army Reserve -- include approximately 952,000 soldiers.

The Regular Army and the Army Reserve, per Title 10 of the US Code, serve under federal command.

The Regular Army is always ready for immediate deployment and sustained operations. The Army Reserve, primarily part-time soldiers, provides crucial support and augmentation to active-duty forces, particularly in specialties like medical, engineering and logistics.

A different structure governs the National Guard, which has both state and federal duties. Per Title 32 of the US Code, the Guard serves under states' governors.

In recent years, the Guard has addressed state emergencies like natural disasters, civil unrest or border security challenges. Uniquely in the US military, it enforces laws domestically if needed.

The US president may federalize National Guard units, overriding a governor during national emergencies or significant military engagements. In recent years, the Guard has served in Afghanistan, Iraq, Poland and the Horn of Africa.

Army corps

At the heart of the Army's strategic and operational capabilities are its corps, which are the primary warfighting elements under Army Forces Command.

They include four major, active corps, two to five divisions each with 20,000–45,000 soldiers.

Commanded by a lieutenant general, each corps is flexible and capable of a wide range of operations, from full-scale combat to peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance.

I Corps, headquartered at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington, is primarily oriented towards the Asia-Pacific region. This corps helps ensure US military presence and readiness in an area marked by significant geopolitical tensions and the presence of China and North Korea.

III Corps, based at Fort Cavazos, Texas, was activated in World War I in France and has a recent operational history entwined with the Middle East. It has served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in 2015 assumed command of Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve from US Army Central.

In this role, III Corps leads the coalition of more than 60 nations tasked with defeating the "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (ISIS).

V Corps, stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky, is focused on Europe. It works to promote regional stability and security despite resurgent Russian military activity in Eastern Europe.

XVIII Airborne Corps, based at Fort Liberty, North Carolina, is known as "America's contingency corps." It responds swiftly anywhere and can deploy by air, land or sea. It includes airborne and special operations forces.

The US Army's complex but coherent system provides a robust, adaptive force that can address diverse global challenges.

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